What steps has Ford taken to reduce risk and foster safety in all of its locations, including manufacturing environments?


We are continuing to act in real time and taking additional actions to help keep all of our people safe and help limit the spread of the coronavirus in communities where we live and work. To reduce risk and foster safety in all of our locations – including manufacturing environments – Ford has:

· Closely monitored and followed health and wellness guidance from global and national health experts

· Used a variety of means to educate people about coronavirus symptoms and preventive measures they can/should take

· Providing hand sanitizer, tissues, sanitizing wipes, and other material at various locations

· Applying increased cleaning standards

· Encouraging greater “social spacing” where people would normally queue

· Suspending self-serve options in cafeterias

· Monitoring workplaces closely and, where necessary, applying the same emergency-response approach for all our people, in all locations, around the world:

    o   Possible symptoms: Leave work and get medical attention

    o   Confirmed infection:

          • Instruct person to quarantine and get medical attention

          • People who have had direct contact with that person are asked to self-quarantine and get medical attention

          • People with close contact to those who have had direct contact are reminded and encouraged to watch for symptoms and get medical attention if they feel  unwell

         • Close the infected facility for 24 hours to allow for cleaning/disinfecting

    o   If we confirm three infections in three days in the same facility, we would close the facility indefinitely so that its status can be assessed and rectified

· Restricted access to visitors from outside the company to Ford facilities, including requiring business-critical visitors to complete health and wellness screening documents before being allowed entry to Ford facilities