The City of Tomorrow

Ford begins to explore new opportunities, solutions and experiments that could shape the City of Tomorrow.

With over half of the world’s population concentrated in cities, mobility has become increasingly more complicated due to rising gridlock, pollution, and ineffective mass transit plaguing people across the world. After identifying these problems, Ford started to explore opportunities, experiments, and emerging solutions that will shape how the ‘City of Tomorrow’ could potentially address these growing issues.

Our City of Tomorrow vision explores how near-term mobility advancements such as autonomous and electric vehicles, ride sharing, ride-hailing, and connected vehicles could potentially interact with urban infrastructure and create a more cohesive transportation eco-system. Advancements and investments in emerging opportunities such as our new ride-sharing app Chariot, wireless charging for electric cars, and progress in traffic management can also be utilized across the country to help shift the way people move throughout their city.

In an effort to move the City of Tomorrow forward, Ford has enlisted some of our best and brightest employees to create a one-of-a-kind City Solutions team that will help address urban environment issues and develop mobility solutions for congested cities. To do this effectively and provide cities with a valuable partner in mobility, Ford is partnering with a coalition of mayors and Bloomberg Philanthropies to help cities across the United States develop and implement new technology innovations to make moving easier.

Ford’s also believes in the long term potential for the City of Tomorrow’s executions. The future could hold a significant concentration of autonomous electric vehicles in cities that will result in the elimination of mass amounts of parking and traffic congestion, along with reducing major city’s environmental footprints. This along with the potential impact of drones, high-speed mass transits, and many other innovations could change the way an entire city’s infrastructure operates.

Someday soon, the City of Tomorrow might not just be a vision, but a reality. By renewing our commitment to addressing mobility challenges for people across the world, Ford has rededicated itself to finding and creating solutions for everyone – whether or not they have a car.