The Mean Streets Have Met Their Match

The Ford Police Interceptor: Our most advanced customer-centric, purpose-built vehicle.

Ford Police Interceptors are the top-selling law enforcement vehicles in the U.S., capturing 61 percent of the law enforcement vehicle market. So what makes Ford Police Interceptors America’s go-to police vehicles? Namely, the Police Interceptors are simply the most advanced customer-centric, purpose-built vehicles we make.

It starts by getting hands-on input from the people who know the extreme rigors of police duty best: the men and women of law enforcement. To do this we work closely with Ford’s Police Advisory Board. Founded in 2000, the role of the Police Advisory Board is to provide input that helps Ford to refine and create innovative police vehicles and products that meet the needs of law enforcement agencies. The board consists of a rotating panel of 25 active-duty experts who serve as the pilot group for new products, programs and services.

“Ford Police Interceptors are the best-selling police vehicles in America because of the unique relationship we have with our customers. Our elite Ford Police Advisory board provides valuable input that helps us to engineer vehicles that officers love.”

The No. 1 priority of the Police Advisory Board is officer safety. Every Ford Police Interceptor has a 75-mph rear impact rating. Additional protection is provided by the Ford SPACE (Side Protection and Cabin Enhancement) Architecture®, featuring our airbag Safety Canopy® System, which works with the vehicle’s structural reinforcement to protect all passengers in the event of an accident. Ford also offers optional Level IV ballistic-panel protection, which provides protection against armor-piercing bullets.

Police Interceptors may be outfitted with Ford Telematics for Law Enforcement by Telogis, allowing agencies to see the real-time driving habits of officers. They can monitor officer location and vehicle operating conditions, enabling better training and encouraging safe driving behaviors. We co-developed this industry-first technology with Telogis to integrate telematics with law enforcement technology to maximize officer safety.

The interior of the Police Interceptors isn’t only designed to protect officers, but also to help them do their jobs. Police Interceptors may be ordered with SYNC®, the industry’s first system to widely offer voice-activated technology that enables officers to operate various communication and audio equipment by voice control.

Ford Police Interceptors also feature optional configurable steering-wheel switches that can be customized for sirens, lights, speakers and other applications. We’ve also incorporated details such as specially sculpted front seats with unique bolsters to accommodate officers’ utility belts for comfort and better wear, and to accommodate frequent entering and exiting.

The innovation of the Ford Police Interceptors are truly driven by the safety and security of the people who depend on it the most. The fact that we look to law enforcement, listen to them, and build our Police Interceptors with officer safety as a top priority is truly what makes Ford Interceptors America’s go-to police vehicles.