Turning to Turbines


A new eco-friendly technology is rolling out to Ford dealerships, but this time it’s not in Ford vehicles themselves.

Ford is working with Wind Energy Corporation to install high-efficiency wind turbines and solar panels at select dealerships across the United States. The pilot project includes locations in Texas, New York, Michigan and California.

The innovative sustainable energy system, called Windy, features high-efficiency, low-noise vertical wind turbines that rise up to 65 feet from dealer lots, where open spaces provide an ideal setting for capturing energy from the wind and sun. Each turbine also features the Ford logo to communicate the company’s commitment to sustainability to customers.

“What sets the Windy System apart is its combination of wind, solar and market impact. It is a branded beacon of sustainability that delivers both energy and a point of view,” said Jack Phillips, COO of Wind Energy.

That impact promises to impress. Once online, each clean energy system will provide an average of 20,000-kilowatt hours per year, the amount used by two average-sized homes. This is enough to offset 14 tons of greenhouse gases and provide 870 charges for a Ford Focus Electric or 2,600 charges for a Fusion Energi or C-MAX Energi. Learn more